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Corporal Punishment Spanking Services for Women London Surrey UK

Please do not enter this website if you are under 18 years of age.
Discreet confidential, safe secure corporal punishment discipline spanking and erotic sensual adult spanking services fulfilling spanking needs for submissive women with dominant male disciplinarian master in SW London, Greater London, Surrey and Nationwide UK

"The Quintessential English Vice"


Do you feel the need for the formal administration of strict discipline with corporal punishment teaching you a lesson you will not forget or perhaps you desire a more erotic sensual spanking to fulfill your spanking needs.

You are a normal person constrained by societies conventions and frustrated by your inability to realise your innermost spanking needs and desires. 

You desire to be submissive and feel a need to be punished, to be instructed to bend over to be spanked and to have your spanking needs finally fulfilled with a professional, highly experienced, charming, charismatic dominant master and professional male disciplinarian.

You may have prior experience of receiving spanking or this may be a totally new experience for you. 

You might have an interest in or wish to explore erotic sensual spanking or perhaps you have had thoughts relating to traditional corporal punishment discipline or a combination of both aspects of discipline.

Let your spanking discipline dreams, desires, fantasy and imagination become reality.

I offer my professional spanking services for single ladies and women, two or three women seeking my spanking services together, any other groups of women interested in spanking, spanking tutorials / demonstrations for a hen party or pamper party and / or pamper parties, private parties of women or hen parties whose ladies / attendees are interested in receiving spankings upon request for the whole party or just a select number of ladies.

If the aforementioned references to spanking have resonated with and intrigued you then I invite you to enter my website...
My name is Simon, however you will address me as Sir during the administration of your spanking discipline and when I administer corporal punishment.

I offer a very discreet, confidential, safe, secure, professional spanking service for women, my existing established female clientele and discerning ladies.

I can either administer non-sexual, fully or semi-clothed, authentic, formal, traditional corporal punishment to women in need of strict spanking discipline or erotic sensual spankings to discerning ladies thus fulfilling all your spanking needs in discreet confidential privacy.

I would like to state for the record that I do not have any other websites promoting or advertsisng my professional spanking services for women and this is my only spanking website.
By way of introduction - I am an English dominant disciplinarian aged in my forties based in SW London and considered to be very articulate, charming, charismatic, confident, eloquent, highly intelligent with an instinctively assertive dominant nature.

I am also a discerning, quintessentially aware, well-spoken and engaging conversationalist with a positive zest for life who enjoys to charming company of equally discerning ladies and women seeking my corporal punishment discipline spanking services.

I am always friendly, totally approachable and sympathetic to your spanking needs with understanding empathy. 

Please be assured and note that I am NOT interested in any forms of BDSM, S/M bondage, sadism, pain, humiliation, verbal humiliation, kink or fetish.

However, although I am mainly interested in administering traditional corporal punishment spanking discipline, OTK spanking, therapeutic spanking, spanking therapy, Tantric spanking and erotic sensual spanking - I am sometimes requested by my more adventurous, discerning female clientele to discipline them when they are wearing a blindfold, silk scarf with their hands bound or tied lying on the bed or bending over in various different positions. 

This form of discipline could be best described as mild or light bondage with some restraint during the administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline or  erotic sensual spanking fantasy.

I have included several such images within the photographic image spanking section at the very base of this page and this form of mild bondage discipline can include spanking role-play, drama therapy, play therapy, aspects of psycho-drama, perceptive play all to enhance your spanking experience and sensory perception during discipline.

I will always have total respect for your personal boundaries remaining within your comfort zones with a professional duty of care despite my powerful, dominant nature when administering corporal punishment spanking discipline.

Although I am and will remain in total control of you during this form of discipline having total, complete respect for your personal boundaries or limits, you will also have full control of your safe, secure, spanking situation / scenario at all times even though you are surrendering / submitting to my dominant will...

I may contradict myself when I state that you will experience a release of control when being spanked, but I am just trying to convey to the more apprehensive, cautious, curious and nervous lady wishing to book my professional spanking services that she will always be comfortable, protected, safe and secure during the spanking appointment and time spent in my charming, charismatic company.

You will find my spanking services such a turn with sexual fantasy or arousal on thus giving you a release as you relinquish your submissive senses and nature to my role as a dominant disciplinarian / master / authority figure as I take control of your submissive senses when you submit to my dominance and control.

All forms of spanking / discipline can be a very powerful aphrodisiac and a slow seduction both in mind, body and spirit or seductive spanking seducing you then leading you to a very powerful experience.

If you are just seeking my non-sexual, corporal punishment discipline, spanking therapy or therapeutic spanking services, then you will most certainly benefit from the actual, authentic discipline that is being administered to correct your bad behaviour and behavioural patterns that have lead you astray in the past...

I am totally non-scene as I never visit spanking related clubs, parties, forums to connect with other spanking contacts.

I do not visit or peruse any spanking websites or forums thus keeping my own ideas and spanking concepts original.



Please visit the following link to view a selection of spanking videos


You can also view my selection of spanking images if you scroll down to the base of this page...


I am a professional disciplinarian and master so I do charge a price fee for my spanking services.

Please peruse my Prices link for all details and price fee structure.


I am personally based on the borders of Wandsworth SW18 and East Putney / Putney SW15 in SW London, South-West London and I travel to cover all areas of SW London with my spanking services for women.

I offer discreet confidential, safe secure, professional mobile visiting, out-call corporal punishment discipline spanking and / or erotic sensual spanking services for discerning ladies where I would discreetly visit you in the comfort of your own personal home or hotel room as I do not offer my professional corporal punishment spanking discipline services within the confines of my own home.

You may be assured that you are discreetly booking my spanking services in complete confidence and I do NOT keep any records of home visits. 

You may wish to peruse my respective massage websites for further re-assurances of my professionalism and discretion when offering a mobile services.

I travel to cover all areas of South London, North London, East London, West London and Central London with my spanking services for women.

I also travel to cover all areas of Surrey with my spanking services for women.

I am able to travel to other areas with advance notice including Berkshire, Buckinghamshire, Cambridgeshire, Dorset, Essex, Hampshire, Hertfordshire, Kent, New Forest, Oxfordshire, Surrey, East Sussex and West Sussex with my spanking services for women.


I am a professional male disciplinarian and many women who contact me feel this professional arrangement assuages any guilt or doubts they might have especially if they have a partner who does not know about their interest in corporal punishment spanking discipline. 

The women booking my spanking services view or reconcile their appointment as professional without any romantic entanglement or emotional conflict thus equivocating to any other appointment such as seeing a therapist, personal trainer, life coach, business meeting or any other similar scenario. 

This also applies to single ladies seeking non-sexual corporal punishment discipline ladies and any women seeking erotic sensual spanking services.

Booking a professional disciplinarian often assuages the guilt that some women may feel if they seek an affair or to meet a complete stranger on a sleazy spanking website. 

My absolute assurances of discretion, safety, security and client confidentiality can be viewed as the same confidentiality that you could expect if you were booking an appointment to see your doctor if I might use that analogy or indeed any other professional therapist for an appointment.

Many women see personal trainers or life coaches and view a spanking appointment as a similar scenario whether it be for corporal punishment spanking discipline to receive the cane, slipper, paddle or belt as more formal, traditional punishment discipline with caning, slippering, paddling and strapping or just bare-bottom hand spanking.

The ladies being caned, slippered, paddled or strapped fully-clothed, semi-clothed or on the bare bottom will view their appointment as one for discipline or they might prefer the more erotic element / aspect of sensual spanking with my hand on the bare buttocks, but whichever discipline is being administered your confidentiality is always assured.

Some women see spanking as a fun, exciting, sexy adventure, or intimate sexual fantasy to enhance foreplay prior to sexual intercourse or even my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage services.

Some women view spanking as discipline with corporal punishment, but whichever aspect intrigues you or you wish to explore it will always be within your comfort zones or personal boundaries at all times whether you visit me or I visit you.

The mindset for the ladies booking my own safe spanking services remains free of emotional attachment and romantic entanglement thus allowing them to "relax" in the knowledge that the spanking appointment or erotic encounter will always remain a safe, secure, reliable, discreet, confidential professional service with no come-backs or other unintended or unwanted attention. 

The fact that I am also a professional therapist offering massage therapy treatments seems to also further validate their reasons for booking my services too in the secure knowledge that all remains within boundaries and comfort zones, although there will always be the added charge of electricity and danger in booking me for a spanking...

As I am now mainly offering a mobile spanking service, I am aware that it might not always be conducive, convenient or appropriate to invite me to visit you at your personal home. 

I do once again offer my absolute assurances of complete confidentiality, discretion, your personal safety and security during any home visits and of course I never, ever retain the personal details of my discerning female clientele.

Please also remember and appreciate the fact that I am a professional mobile massage therapist booked on a daily basis to treat ladies in the comfort of their own homes so I hope this assuages any further doubts you may have of inviting me into your home. 

You might wish to peruse both my holistic therapeutic massage and erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage websites for further assurances of my professionalism and other thoughts regarding all aspects my mobile services.

I do address the issue of discretion, confidentiality, privacy, safety and security in more detail which poignantly applies to both my massage and spanking services within a section of the Erotic Sensual Massage home page which I would recommend for your personal perusal...

If you are not booking my massage treatments in conjunction with my spanking services then might wish to view the appointment as though you have booked a professional massage treatment, but in reality just my spanking services.

If and when I am ever booked to visit your own home then please rest assured that I am a consummate professional always respecting your space together with your personal boundaries as part of my discreet, confidential safe, secure spanking services. 

I would never make contact with you via email or telephone unless otherwise requested to do so and I never retain personal address details after an mobile visit to administer your corporal punishment discipline spanking.

One spanking scenario that we could play out when I am booked to discreetly visit you at your location is that I would arrive at your personal home or hotel where you would let me in with a short greeting and then without much further ado or spoken conversation.

I then lead you to the place of punishment you have chosen in your own surroundings where I would administer corporal punishment spanking discipline or erotic sensual spanking services depending on your own choice as your handsome, charming "stranger" and strict male disciplinarian


You may be a lady seeking my services with some prior experience of receiving corporal punishment spanking discipline in which case you may have your own ideas or expectations of what to expect. 

If this is your first time booking the services of a professional master administering corporal punishment spanking services for women, then it is quite understandable if you are feeling a little nervous, intrigued and naturally curious, apprehensive or just plain shy. 

Please feel free contact me and I will answer any questions you may have in more intimate detail with understanding.

If you are just curious about spanking then you are more than welcome to just make contact with me for a friendly chat without committing to making an actual appointment and I am totally approachable in this respect.

You need not be embarrassed in making an initial enquiry and you may also be assured that are not alone in seeking my spanking services for your own peace of mind as I am contacted by many women of all ages and from all walks of life with varying vocations and backgrounds also seeking my spanking services.

Let your spanking desires and imagination become reality thus fulfilling your spanking discipline needs...

I could wax lyrical and promote my spanking services with much more zest and poetic prose that I have already creatively composed, but that would be self-indulgent so why not have the courage to make contact with me today and book an appointment to experience for yourself.

I am very conscientious, discreet and confidential when offering my discreet, confidential, safe and secure corporal punishment spanking services to women and this professional service based on a mutual level of trust with honesty and consistancy.

There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed by seeking my spanking services for women and I hope I have addressed any fears, doubts or apprehension that you might have had before reading through my website realising that you are not alone in seeking spanking services or corporal punishment from a professional male disciplinarian.

With all this in mind I trust that my assurances have now given you the courage to take the plunge and giving you the confidence make contact with me in complete confidence.

for women UK


Due to the fact that I receive many enquiries from women seeking my spanking services and who have an interest in all matters related to traditional corporal punishment, I am now offering a telephone consultation service.

Some less or non-experienced ladies need to feel safe and secure prior to making an appointment to receive more traditional, formal corporal punishment spanking discipline as opposed to erotic sensual spanking.

The fact that they are submitting to physical discipline with a "stranger" often excites them, intrigues them yet makes them feel nervous or apprehensive. I have found that talking to guide them through the spanking process and scenarios with a telephone conversation has been stimulating, therapeutic and assuring as well as offering a listening service for spanking.

Thoughts regarding spanking discipline can often be subliminal and a deeply stimulating psychological thought process.

The telephone spanking service or listening spanking service provides women with a safe, secure space to explore your feelings and thoughts regarding corporal punishment or spanking discipline and enables you to privately explore your spanking fantasy or fantasies in anonymity and complete confidence with discretion and in a non-judgemental way.

This section or paragraph mainly relates to women seeking non-sexual, traditional, formal administrations of corporal punishment and spanking as discipline from an authority figure and for many women seeking corporal punishment as discipline as opposed to seeking erotic sensual sexy or sexual spankings, the thought of booking a male disciplinarian or even finding a suitable man on the internet can be a daunting process especially as there is the element of physical administration.

If I am administering erotic sensual spankings then the process is a very different spanking scenario as the lady in question is confident with her nudity or with receiving erotic sensual massage treatments in combination with a sexy OTK bare bottom spanking.

I am a highly experienced, professional disciplinarian with a vast wealth of experience in offering my select spanking services to discerning ladies and women over the years so I am here to offer guidance through the physical and thought process before, during and after the administration of more formal corporal punishment spanking discipline. 

Please feel free to contact me to speak and explore further in more intimate detail and if I am free then I would be more than happy to take your phone call there and then. 

If I am not free to speak when you call or you encounter my voicemail, then please feel free to leave a message, text or email with a more suitable time to speak and we can arrange a mutually convenient time fro us both to converse...


You will never, ever be in a position of uncertainty and even though you are relinquishing yourself to receive formal corporal punishment discipline or spanking thus surrendering your senses and submitting to me as your dominant master or disciplinarian, I will be taking care of you as a person looking after you at all times with nurturing your own needs taking the administration of spanking discipline at your own pace so you always feel comfortable and relaxed.

We will discuss and establish all the definitive boundaries to be observed when chatting prior to your appointment and before your spanking. 

I reiterate once again for your further assurances and at the risk of repeating myself that your spanking appointment is all about you, your own spanking needs and desires and not about me or my own needs. 

If you are just seeking my spanking services as discipline or as corporal punishment and NOT a sensual sexual spanking experience, then I further assure you that if your punishment extends to a bare bottom spanking, that I will NOT touch you or probe between your legs (female genitalia) out of respect for your privacy, comfort zones and personal boundaries.

However, some women do prefer to have their bare bottom soothed with massage strokes using a lotion after receiving a sound spanking as discipline or an administration of corporal punishment and once again the choice is yours to make.

I am always very consciously aware that this is all about you so I am always very careful to observe all pre-arranged boundaries.


Although I sometimes refer to "erotic sensual spanking" within my website, I am regularly booked and requested to administer fully-clothed or partially-clothed, non-sexual corporal punishment with an administration of the traditional six of the best "old school-type" whacking or domestic discipline spanking administered as strict discipline using different implements for correction if you are in need of a more formal administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline.

I have been booked by some ladies on occasion who have been seeking traditional corporal punishment for a single administration of just six of the best whacks with an implement of her choice. 

The format of this type of appointment has been sitting down together prior to the administration of discipline to discuss her feelings and thoughts towards spanking discipline followed by the actual administration of the punishment and then culminating in another conversation to explore her feelings or she has then been dismissed without much further ado or conversation directly after the spanking discipline has been administered to contemplate and reflect on the strict discipline she has received.

My spanking services are always bespoke to suit your individual needs and you may have your own ideas or scenarios of how you wish the punishment to be administered.

If this is your very first foray in contacting a professional male disciplinarian to administer either corporal punishment spanking discipline or erotic sensual spanking services then I will of course guide you through the experience.

The choice is yours as your spanking appointment is always about you and your own spanking needs or fantasies and not my own. We will always discuss your personal spanking needs, desires, comfort zones and boundaries to be observed and adhered to prior to your spanking.

I have often thought whether I should include erotic sensual spanking within my website, however as it is an equally popular request as the traditional, formal administration of corporal punishment discipline when being booked then I feel it prudent to highlight the fact.

Some women dislike the more formal aspect of strict traditional corporal punishment which is as the name suggests chastisement and punishment of the body as discipline.

Some ladies much prefer the more sensual erotic aspect of spanking discipline combined with intimate sexual fantasy so as I enjoy both aspects of corporal punishment spanking discipline myself then I have to include the case for both sides of spanking and the more erotic spanking images as well as the fully-clothed images of ladies receiving discipline.

So in essence - If you are a lady seeking more formal and traditional corporal punishment with spanking discipline then please do not be put off my some of the nude images of myself or the submissive female recipient during spankings or my own personal references to erotic sensual spankings within my website.

I am regularly booked to administer non-sexual corporal punishment spanking discipline whereby I remain fully clothed and you are also fully-clothed during the punishment or semi-nude being spanked over lingerie or over the bare bottom.

If you have perhaps been slightly "put-off" by some of the nude images or references to erotic, sensual sexual spankings then I am sure that you realise and understand that I have to encompass and encapsulate both aspects to cater for the requests of my discerning female clientele. 

I am sure that you now also understand that I am able to administer non-sexual, fully-clothed corporal punishment without the need for nudity or any sexual connotation if this is what you are seeking.


I regularly administer strict discipline spanking to women of all ages over the age of 18 who are just in need of fully clothed, non-sexual spanking discipline and traditional corporal punishment although punishment may occasionally be administered over the bare bottom always respecting and keeping within pre-determined boundaries.

Women who feel that they need to atone for past misdeeds with therapeutic spanking discipline and spanking therapy who feel the need for disciplinary guidance in their current lifestyles for a more authentic traditional formal "six of the best" administration of punishment with a sound hand-spanking, slippering, strapping, paddling or possibly a caning depending on your own personal limits.

I would list the various mis-demeanors that ladies confess to me prior to or during their spanking session with me but the list is so varied and each lady of course has her own personal reasons for booking an appointment to receive corporal punishment.

If she is a student then the reasons may be a lack of discipline in general lifestyle behaviour or not performing well with her studies. If she is a more mature lady then she maybe in need of spanking therapy and therapeutic spanking to help her reconcile past or present misdeeds and bad behaviour.

I will summon you to me for your punishment, lecture you on the error of your ways whatever they may be then instruct you to bend over. Your initial introduction to corporal punishment will be administered over your clothed bottom, then panties. 

I then administer a sound spanking over your bare bottom and imagine the spanking scenario as the sight of your bottom greets my eyes as you feel the cool air flowing over your glowing buttocks reveling in the consuming adrenalin and anticipation of a well-deserved spanking.

I will then make you stand against the wall for some corner-time or continue bending over giving you time to reflect on your punishment while I stand or pace behind you knowing that it is my duty as your disciplinarian to punish you. 

You then turn to liquid and tingle all over in anticipation as I instruct you to turn around and return to another submissive position bending over once again as you prepare for another well-deserved spanking...


Some women desire a more prolonged erotic, intimate, sensual fantasy spanking session combined with genuine massage therapies as opposed to strict discipline so I cater for both aspects providing a discreet, confidential spanking service and a consensual, safe space setting to explore all your spanking requirements needs always respecting your boundaries.

For some women, spanking is not all about formal discipline or traditional corporal punishment and they desire spanking as part of erotic fantasy foreplay or prior to any of my massage treatments. 

I offer and administer this aspect of discipline if you desire a prolonged sensual spanking session on its own or as a prelude when booking me for an holistic relaxing therapeutic therapy treatment or erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage with intimate sexual fantasy if so desired. 

You may enjoying bending over a chair on on the bed doggy-style having your bare buttocks lashed with the belt or strap...

Please peruse my respective massage website for more details and especially my Erotic Sensual Tantric Massage link if you are seeking sexual services in combination with your spanking and massage treatments.

Perhaps you might enjoy a Tantric spanking...

Although I am not clothed myself in some of the photographs, my own nudity or any sexual activity is most certainly NOT a pre-requisite and only tends to happen when I am administering a more intimate, sexual fantasy spanking.

A popular request from women seeking erotic sensual spanking discipline is for me to shoot and spurt my hot cum over the spanked bottom and for the submissive lady to enjoy my explosive ejaculation of spunk spurting and splattering over her glowing red, spanked bare bottom thus completing her submission to my masterful will after the administration of erotic sensual discipline with OTK spanking.

I would then soothe your aching buttocks with gentle, rewarding massage strokes as part of the main massage treatment continuing to arouse and stimulate your already heightened senses. 

I have some soft silky blindfolds for an extra stimulating sensual spanking followed by more sexual energy arousal, foreplay and culminating with erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage.

I am often requested to administer a more erotic and gentle OTK bare-bottom spanking which can be sensually administered in a low-light / candle-light setting scenario. 

Imagine yourself yourself bending over my lap being very gently spanked or slippered, disciplined or punished with a very soft leather spanking paddle over the bare bottom.

I have included a selection of sensual spanking photographic images combined with the other spanking discipline photographs at the base of this webpage.


My usual female clientele can be aged anything between circa between 18 to 70 from all walks of life with varying vocational careers and backgrounds.

I usually spank ladies over the age of 19 or at least 20 and if you are aged between 18 to 21 then I would respectfully request that I see a valid form of ID to show proof of your age and to confirm that you are over the legal age of 18.

The ladies and usual female clientele who tend to book my spanking services tend to be articulate, attractive, aware, cultured, educated, elegant, eloquent, well-spoken, intelligent, quintessentially feminine, refined, stylish upmarket women & discerning ladies usually aged between 18 to 70 seeking either the formal administration traditional, authentic corporal punishment spanking discipline or a more erotic sensual and even sexual spanking fantasy to be fulfiled.


I do appreciate and acknowledge that my website currently features ladies and genuine female clientele aged between circa 21 to 40, so if you are a lady aged between circa 40 to 70 years of age, then I truly hope that this fact does not put you off seeking my corporal punishment spanking discipline and / or erotic sensual spanking services and after all please remember that I am aged in my forties too...

I do hope that ladies over the age of circa 40 or even the more mature ladies up to the age of circa 70 years of age do not find the images of younger women intimidating as is just the way that it has worked out with photographing ladies to illustrate all my spanking services or who are featured within my galleries as the younger ladies have been more willing to be photographed as opposed to more mature women.

I am very aware that more "mature" women may be put off or intimidated with booking my spanking therapy services by viewing such images of younger women, however in mitigation thus far this age range and band-with of "younger" ladies aged between 21 - 40 featured within my websites has not been a matter of choice or personal / professional preference when posing with women and the truthful fact is that I have not really had the chance to pose with more mature ladies for corporal punishment spanking images or videos, but I assure you that I do regularly administer spankings to ladies between the ages of circa 40 to 70.


I am occasionally booked by two ladies seeking a corporal punishment discipline or erotic sensual spanking experience together for their own reasons, but one very intriguing booking was made recently by seven very classy, educated, well-spoken mature ladies living in an upmarket area of Surrey which I shall not divulge.

I was contacted by one of the ladies who had initially discovered my spanking website then subsequently shared it with the other six female friends. She then duly booked me after a long telephone conversation to ascertain more details. I then visited the women at one of their personal homes one afternoon during the week where I administered corporal punishment spanking discipline to each lady in turn. 

All the ladies stayed in the main lounge area to witness each other's spanking and then I did spank a two of the ladies separately and alone in private at their personal request afterwards in another room away from the other ladies being witness to their punishments or spankings.

The ladies had clearly been intrigued with spanking discipline and had been discussing the subject of spanking for some weeks prior to making contact with me and had subsequently made contact with me after an online search to act upon their collective interest or intrigue with corporal punishment spanking.

Some of the ladies were more interested in the discipline aspect of corporal punishment and some were more intrigued or aroused by the erotic sensual aspect of OTK bare-bottom spanking so I administered both spanking styles to suit each individual lady's spanking needs.

I had been fully clothed when administering the spankings with each lady in a various state of undress during the punishments.

Three of the ladies interested in erotic sensual spanking also requested my massage services so I gave the three ladies an individual 20 minuted massage each with myself and the three ladies receiving massage now all completely nude and naked in front of all the other women.

The other ladies were watching intently with the last massage culminating in me passionately shooting, spurting and splattering my hot spunk over one lady's bare bottom to complete her submission after the spanking and massage so her spanked bottom was awash with my cum which I then gently massaged into her red cheeks which all the women present found fascinating.

A very interesting afternoon for us all...


"I happened across your website and it piqued my curiosity. I was inspired by both your eloquent words and images. Though confident in every day life I have always been too shy to follow up my lifelong desire to be soundly spanked. Being a complete novice I am not sure where my limits lie but I would like to experience a sound spanking bending over a man's lap followed by a taste of punishment in whatever positions he deems appropriate. I embrace the thought of not being in control wondering what the next part of my punishment may be. Being told to ask for punishment or thank him for it then maybe feeling embarrassment with my submission after the punishment discipline whereby I am willing to follow instructions in case I make my situation worse. I suppose you are used to ladies with their trepidation so how do you think I could overcome my doubts?"
"I am a female university student writing a paper for a Human Sexuality class. I hope this does not seem too unusual coming to you through and via your informative website. The subject I chose was spanking and corporal punishment discipline and why a male and female may be drawn to it or what type of gratification they may receive from it. I must say your website is very intriguing me thus making me want to experiment with discipline and receive a spanking myself. I wish to learn about these things in a proper atmosphere, I am 21 years old and I would really like to have the experience of a disciplinary spanking."

"I am absolutely fascinated by your website regarding corporal punishment spanking discipline and your administration of corporal punishment spanking services for women. I am a mature female chartered psychologist, counsellor and CBT therapist based in SW London and I would be very interested in discovering more about your spanking services on a totally professional level in accordance with my interest in psychology as well as finding out more about corporal punishment spanking on a more personal level too to satisfy my own curiosity."

An email which seems to encapsulate the thoughts of most women seeking my spanking services:
"Dear Sir, I am a lady in my thirties and I discovered your informative website after trying to gain a better understanding of my inner feelings and desire to receive the very spanking services that you provide. Because of my initial inhibitions coupled with the embarrassment in discussing this matter with close friends I began searching for more insight into corporal punishment discipline then almost immediately I happened across your website after typing in spanking discipline service for ladies and spanking therapy for women. Researching this topic can be a challenge because of the many degrading sites but it appears that you offer spanking discipline with other genuine therapeutic services which is so reassuring for me enabling me to feel safe, secure and confident in making first contact with you, especially as I am only seeking non-sexual, clothed corporal punishment spanking. 

It was also comforting to understand that there are so many similar ladies and women with the same desires who also seek corporal punishment discipline or even more erotic sensual spankings. After reading your website I now feel there is nothing abnormal about my own thoughts and in addition, your professional response to my initial enquiry helped to validate your professionalism as a disciplinarian. 

The more thought I put into this, the more I am feeling that there is nothing wrong with acting on something that helps make a person feel good about themselves. I imagine it must be liberating for the women who have been brave enough to act on their spanking fantasy desires so I will most certainly be in contact with you again to book an appointment."

Some other email extracts sent to me by women regarding my spanking services with a cross-section of different ages:

"Dear Sir, I am a middle-aged lady based in Surrey but working in Central London and have been been interested in the world of spanking for a very long time and have been returning back your website time and time again for the past few months. Your expertise and professionalism truly shows as do your own personal, professional assurances of discretion, confidentiality and the safety aspects which all drew me closer to wanting to make a booking. It is incredibly nerve wrecking for me to approach you, but at least I'm making a choice that won't leave me regretting the "what-if's" if I do not make at least some form of contact with you.

I had a good think on what I wanted my ideal session to be: a therapeutic spanking session or something that is more disciplinary. I feel like corporal punishment is the way to go and perhaps if I was paying the price for some misdeed I have done to atone with a sound spanking or more formal discipline with corporal punishment. I feel that my performance at work as been below my usual high standards in recent months and there are other reasons that I crave spanking in my private personal life too. I would like my behaviour to be corrected with your formal administration of corporal punishment if you please and as you deem necessary so l can be very grateful when you instruct me to bend over to receive my discipline.

I have no prior experience of receiving discipline in my personal life, but I am aware that it was administered privately whilst I was attending a mixed private school, although I was not a recipient. I do promise to be very obedient in your presence and I will try to take the punishment administered when I book you for an appointment. I would prefer that we start the spanking session with you administering the strap, cane or slipper over the seat of my trousers or skirt bending over a chair or similar as I do not wish to be caned / strapped over my panties or bare bottom. I am willing receive the punishment semi-naked on my bare bottom with spanking so happy with bare-bottom spanking and perhaps a slippering over the bare buttocks as I do feel the desire or need to be slippered bending over your lap or the bed, however I would request prior to meeting that you please kindly remain fully clothed yourself throughout the session.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my email. I look forward to hearing back from you so we can discuss my spanking needs in more detail and then hopefully arrange an appointment for the administration of corporal punishment and spanking."

"Dear Sir, As a lady now aged in her early forties, I could not believe that I had discovered your website dealing with both erotic sensual spanking and more formal spanking discipline both of which are of personal interest to me. I regret that I have not had the courage to meet a man for such discipline to date before encountering your website and none of my previous partners had been interested in administering spankings. I felt both relieved in the sense that I am not the only woman interested in being soundly spanked and also a sense of euphoria or exhilaration that there is also a man such as yourself offering professional, discreet and safe spanking services to women in need of spanking to be administered by a strict yet fair male disciplinarian"

"Dear Simon, I am a 21 year old student living in London. I have recently been thinking about exploring female sexuality a bit more so I was initially interested in your erotic sensual Tantric massage treatments for women. However, I grew even more excited and aroused as I then discovered the link to your spanking services. I have always had a fascination with being spanked and to be honest to be spanked by an older mature man. I am completely shocked that I even am writing to you, but your writing, experience with spanking and other assurances made me feel very at ease so I would be interested to hear more about both your erotic sensual massage and spanking services that you offer. I think that my interest in leaning more to exploring spanking than massage at this stage until we meet and I would be prepared to experiment with receiving corporal punishment discipline as well as your more erotic sensual spankings on the bare bottom."

"I am a professional lady in my mid-fifties and require a male disciplinarian to administer traditional, formal corporal punishment with six of the best to be administered over my clothed bottom culminating in a bare bottom spanking"

"I was quite secure in the knowledge before making contact with you regarding your spanking services that you have spanked or massaged ladies up to the age of 70 as I am now aged 62. I used to work in the fashion industry in London as both a former model and also a buyer in later years, but have moved out of London, but would be more than happy for you to visit me at my private home in Surrey to give me a good sound spanking"

"Hi Simon, I was quite captivated and very turned on after reading and then re-reading the contents of your spanking website. I must state that I am not interested in any forms of formal or traditional corporal punishment or spanking discipline that you describe in detail. I am only interested in the arousal of a pro-longed sexual spanking and erotic sensual bare-bottom spanking bending over your lap to be gently disciplined leading to your massage treatments. I am 32 and like yourself I am also based in SW London"

"I am a young professional lady in my twenties and have always felt the need for a good spanking from a mature man and after reading your website I would like to speak with you with the possibility of then making an appointment"

"Dear Simon, I came across your extremely informative and articulate website when searching for spanking services in London, and I would like to discuss the possibility of booking an appointment with you. I'm in my thirties and I've always had erotic fantasies about surrendering control to a dominant man and being spanked, but it's something I've been too embarrassed to discuss with friends or partners. I've read and watched numerous spanking stories and videos, particularly enjoying the discipline genre and always wondered what it might be like to try it for real. I've had some trepidation about exploring the idea, as I've been worried about feeling safe and secure, and also discretion, but I found your site very reassuring in those regards. I also liked the way you discuss the punishment side of things with the erotic and therapeutic, as I've always found a mental link between them. It would be great to discuss this further, as well as some of the logistics. I look forward to hearing from you."

I am not going to include every single email that I receive of course as I am contacted by so many different ladies on a regular basis regarding my spanking services, but I have included some of the more poignant selection of emails sent to me in complete confidence to offer an insight into the different age ranges and requests for my spanking services.
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