An Interesting Afternoon


I am occasionally booked by two ladies at the same time seeking corporal punishment discipline or an erotic sensual spanking experience together or perhaps separately with one of the ladies in the same house or apartment and I sometimes offer or administer spankings to a small selection of ladies who attend my hen party life drawing sessions.

However, one very intriguing booking was made recently by seven very classy, educated, well-spoken mature ladies living in an upmarket area of Surrey which I shall not divulge.

I was contacted by one of the ladies who had initially discovered my spanking website then subsequently shared it with the other six female friends or ladies who lunch.

After a few days had elapsed since her initial contact with me, the lady who made the initial first tentative contact with me then duly booked me after a long telephone conversation to ascertain more details. 

I then visited the women at one of their personal homes one afternoon during the week where I administered corporal punishment spanking discipline to each lady in turn.

All the ladies stayed in the main lounge area of the large residential house to witness each other's spanking and then I did spank a two of the ladies separately and alone in private at their personal request afterwards in another room away from the other ladies being witness to their punishments or spankings as those two particular ladies requested a more sensual spanking session.

All the ladies present had clearly been intrigued with spanking discipline and had been discussing the subject of spanking for some weeks prior to making contact with me and had subsequently made contact with me after an online search to act upon their collective interest or intrigue with corporal punishment spanking.

Some of the ladies were more interested in the discipline aspect of corporal punishment and some were more intrigued or aroused by the erotic sensual aspect of OTK bare-bottom spanking so I administered both spanking styles to suit each individual lady's spanking needs.

As the afternoon progressed and the wine began to flow, all the ladies began to grow bolder in confidence as they all knew each other very well, then this combination enabled them all to feel more comfortable with them to then being spanked and disciplined in front of each other in various states of undress or without the fear of embarrassment.

I then duly gave each lady a bare bottom OTK spanking in the main lounge area with each individual lady bending over my lap to be spanked in turn whilst the other ladies watched the ensuing scene in excitement and trepidation waiting for their turn to be spanked.

I had been fully clothed until this point when administering the spankings with each lady in a various state of undress during the punishments.

As the mood became much more relaxed, I was undressed by all the women and continued to administer more erotic sensual spankings on each of the ladies' beautiful bare bottoms...

One lady even dared to pose nude with me for some very artistic, creative, tasteful life model poses and of cours all the ladies took photographic still images and videos of each other being spanked and massaged.

I was not permitted to take any images myself for obvious reasons in connection with discretion, privacy and confidentialiity as all the ladies are very upmarket, respected ladies in their varying vocational professions and the local community, but I imagine that a film of the entire booking or afternoon spanking session would have been hot off the shelves as a best seller quicker than any erotic sensual spanking novel...

Three of the ladies interested in erotic sensual spanking also requested my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage services, so I gave the three ladies an individual 20 minute massage each with myself and the ladies receiving massage now all completely nude in front of all the other women.

As I became more aroused, the remaining ladies took off their tops and remained topless to watch the other three ladies being massaged and then each lady enjoyed a bare breast massage whilst also stroking, teasing and touching my manhood in turn.

The spanking and massage session culminated in all the ladies then daring two of the more adventurous women in the group to lie face down completely nude as I simultaneously splattered both their bare bottoms with with my hot cum and splattering their spanked buttock cheeks in spunk after the massage treatments.

After I has spurted my cum with an explosive ejaculation of spunk splattering over the bottom cheeks of the two willing, submissive ladies, another lady then joined me to massage my hot seed into the bottoms.

It was interesting that some of the women were more interested and fascinated in the more traditional, authentic administration of formal corporal punishment from a dominant male disciplinarian / master / authority figure which I duly administered, whilst the remainder of the ladies found erotic sensual bare-bottom OTK spanking discipline more appealing.

All the ladies had been aware that I also offered erotic sensual Tantric massage services when perusing my website prior to the booking and I was told initially before arriving that there would only be one of the ladies who would be seeking my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage and one lady just seeking my regular holistic relaxing therapeutic Swedish style massage therapy.

So it came as a surprise when I ended giving three of the group an erotic sensual massage with one lady enjoying a short holistic therapeutic massage, but with all  the ladies relaxing and to feel comfortable enough to enjoy a massage of the bare breasts too.

Although my booking that afternoon was mainly centred and focused on the formal administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline and erotic sensual spanking, it was most certainly a bonus for both myself and all the ladies to incorporate my massage therapy services too so all in all, a very interesting afternoon for us all...

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