Corporal Punishment Discipline


The more traditional, formal, fully-clothed, semi-clothed, non-sexual and authentic administration of corporal punishment and a traditional "six of the best" as strict discipline perhaps using the cane, slipper, spanking flogger, strap, paddle, or with OTK bare bottom spanking for corrective corporal punishment spanking.

I would be fully clothed as your dominant disciplinarian, master, strict headmaster or authority figure during the administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline. 

Sometimes just the thought of being sent to receive corporal punishment, six of the best and / or a sound spanking is a sufficient deterrent to naughty ladies and women.

The anticipation of being told that they are to receive discipline for disobedience is suffice and just the thought of being punished can send a shiver down the spine making  a lady squirm in her seat...

But, if a lady has been very naughty and does need or desire actual authentic corporal punishment discipline to fulfil her spanking needs or simply because she deserves discipline and to be disciplined then...

An authentic, traditional spanking scenario is for a naughty lady to be sent to the headmaster's study or office to explain her mis-demeanors, poor attitude, disobedience, bad behaviour with perhaps cheek, insolence, minor infractions and rudeness then expecting to be caned, slippered, strapped or paddled with six strokes of an implement as well as hand spanking.

The headmaster then explains in a commanding voice and dominant tone that she is to to be punished and instructs her to bend over the desk or a chair for a caning, slippering, paddling, strapping or bare-bottom spanking.

The same or similar spanking scenario and administration of strict discipline could be administered by a dominant master or authority figure.

If you feel you have been very naughty or wayward with your bad behaviour and need corrective corporal punishment discipline to discipline you then you may need caning, slippering, paddling, strapping or bare-bottom spanking to change and correct your errant ways. 

Some women do feel they need to be regularly caned, slippered, strapped, paddled, spanked and chastised to correct their bad behaviour or to atone for certain misdeeds both past and present.

You can expect to be soundly chastised, beaten and thrashed with a sound spanking and the administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline.

Although I have a dominant natural nature, I am firm but very fair when administering traditional school-type corporal punishment to naughty adult girls and women of all ages.

You can expect strict discipline, but it will never ever be excessive and always administered within your own personal pain threshold and boundaries.

I do NOT need to use any form of verbal abuse to shout at you or to order to you to do something and I assure you that you will find yourself submitting to my dominant will without the need to shout at you or to raise my voice.

I do not need to resort to any form of verbal of other forms of humiliation and you will find your spanking session with me to be a very rewarding, exhilarating experience fulfilling your spanking needs and desires with corporal punishment.

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