Erotic Sensual Spanking


I wish to state for the record from the outset and make it absolutely clear from the outset that most women seeking my spanking services do actually book me for more traditional, non-sexual, fully-dressed, partially dressed spanking with the skirt raised and panties pulled down for a bare bottom spanking with corporal punishments and spanking discipline.

I will never, ever transgress any sexual boundaries when a lady does book me for non-sexual discipline, however, I do include sections within my spanking website regarding erotic sensual spanking as there are some women who are just seeking this form of light discipline.

In essence, I must fully assure you that if you are seeking non-sexual, traditional discipline and NOT erotic sensual spanking then you can only expect to receive non-sexual, traditional spanking discipline and corporal punishment.

So when I do mention any forms of erotic sensual spanking, erotic sensual discipline or erotic sensual corporal punishment, then it is ONLY for the ladies who make contact with me or who read my website seeking that more sensual aspect of spanking and most certainly NOT a pre-requisite for booking my spanking services or to fufill my own sexual desires, needs or spanking preferences.

In fact, I am equally fascinated and fulfilled by the administration of non-sexual, authentic, formal, traditional, fully-clothed or semi-clothed corporal punishment as I am when administering erotic sensual spankings on the bare bottom or with the recipient being nude, so the choice of discipline that you prefer or desire is always your choice.

The fact that I do offer erotic sensual spankings needs to be addressed for those women seeking such spankings, but never confused with those women just seeking traditional discipline - I trust this explaination clarifies my separate spanking services.

I always keep a strict, separate, definitive divide between the administration of corporal punishment discipline and my administration of more erotic sensual spankings.

The separate spanking scenarios have very similar boundaries to my professional massage therapy services, whereby if a lady books me for a regular holistic therapeutic Swedish massage as given in a health / beauty spa, then this is all that I will give and aall that she can expect without any sensual, sexual style of massage, whereas if a lady books me for an erotic sensual Tantric massage then both myself as the giver and the female receiver knows straight from the outset that she is booking me for a more erotic sensual sexual style of massage without any misunderstanding. 

So to clarify, I therefore always maintain and keep a very strict, definitive divide between holistic therapeutic massage and erotic sensual Tantric massage as I do with non-sexual corporal punishment and erotic sensual spankings.

This aspect or sensual spanking is completely separate and will be kept separate from the traditional corporal punishment spanking, strict discipline spanking and therapeutic spanking therapy as it is a more sexual style of spanking to fulfil your spanking fantasy needs and desires to be punished by a charming, charismatic, confident, handsome, strong masculine man and dominant disciplinarian master. 

Some women desire a more prolonged erotic, intimate, sensual fantasy spanking session combined with genuine massage therapies as opposed to strict discipline so I cater for both aspects providing a discreet, confidential spanking service and a consensual, safe space setting to explore all your spanking requirements needs always respecting your boundaries.

For some women, spanking is not all about formal discipline or traditional corporal punishment and they desire spanking as part of erotic fantasy foreplay or prior to any of my massage treatments. 

I offer and administer this aspect of discipline if you desire a prolonged sensual spanking session on its own or as a prelude when booking me for an holistic relaxing therapeutic therapy treatment or erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage with intimate sexual fantasy if so desired. 

You may enjoying bending over a chair on on the bed doggy-style having your bare buttocks lashed and flogged with the belt, strap or one of my spanking floggers...

Please peruse my respective massage website for more details and especially my Erotic Sensual Tantric Massage link if you are seeking sexual services in combination with your spanking and massage treatments.

Perhaps you might enjoy a Tantric spanking...

Although I am not clothed myself in some of the photographs, my own nudity or any sexual activity is most certainly NOT a pre-requisite and only tends to happen when I am administering a more intimate, sexual fantasy spanking.

I would then soothe your aching buttocks with gentle, rewarding massage strokes as part of the main massage treatment continuing to arouse and stimulate your already heightened senses. 

I have some soft silky blindfolds for an extra stimulating sensual spanking followed by more sexual energy arousal, foreplay and culminating with erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage.

I am often requested to administer a more erotic and gentle OTK bare-bottom spanking which can be sensually administered in a low-light / candle-light setting scenario. 

Imagine yourself yourself bending over my lap being very gently spanked or slippered, disciplined or punished with a soft leather spanking paddle, spanking flogger or slipper over the bare bottom.

I will summon you to me for your punishment, lecture you on the error of your ways whatever they may be then instruct you to bend over reminding you that you deserve your punishment and need to behave with more motivation in your life.

Your initial introduction to corporal punishment will be administered over your clothed bottom, then panties. 

I then administer a sound spanking over your bare bottom and imagine the spanking scenario as the sight of your bottom greets my eyes as you feel the cool air flowing over your glowing buttocks revelling in the consuming adrenaline and anticipation of a well-deserved spanking.

I will then make you stand against the wall for some corner-time or continue bending over giving you time to reflect on your punishment while I stand or pace behind you knowing that it is my duty as your disciplinarian master and spanking therapist to punish you. 

You then turn to liquid and tingle all over in anticipation as I instruct you to turn around and return to another submissive position bending over once again as you prepare for another well-deserved spanking...


Some women may enjoy being dominated in bed and sexually by a dominant, masculine, strong male or male disciplinarian master to explore their submissive nature or even subservient fantasies, but this should always be consensual between two people in the partnership at all times thus remaining safe and secure yet entwined with erotic element.

Some women will desire not just to make love with passionate sex as they may desire in a relationship or with a loving partner, but to be fucked hard and senseless with wanton abandon with a very powerful fuck and to submit and to enjoy be dominated with a good sound fucking with a long, hard, powerful, throbbing cock as well as enjoying an erotic sensual spanking and the use of the aforementioned, basic sexual terminology.

This sexual aspect of spanking, even without the need for full penetrative sex is a very different spanking style and completely different aspect of discipline to my corporal punishment and spanking therapy services as I am able to differentiate between each style of spanking service that I offer to women.

A very popular request by women who enjoy a more erotic sensual style of spanking in conjunction with my erotic sensual Tantric massage services or just on its own is for me to complete their submission to my dominant will after the spanking with me shooting my spunk over any part of the body. 

I am often asked to ejaculate my hot cum over the bare bottom and splatter the bare bottom with spunk after administering corporal punishment discipline or a bare bottom spanking. 

My cum squirting and spurting over the bare bottom and my powerful, explosive ejaculation of spunk spattering over the red, sore, spanked bare bottom can be deliciously decadent.

My ejaculation is often the culmination of erotic sensual submission to my dominance after administering corporal punishment spanking discipline and always adds to the element of eroticism with corporal punishment spanking and erotic sensual discipline...

You may then enjoy spanking as a form of foreplay prior to massage or if you are not seeking my massage therapy services after an erotic sensual spanking, then you may enjoy a sexual release with arousal of your choice or any of my other sensual services to sexually stimulate your senses at no extra charge to complete your erotic sensual spanking session.

I guarantee with assured confidence that you will find my more erotic, sensual spanking services such a turn with sexual fantasy or arousal on thus giving you a release as you relinquish your submissive senses and nature to my role as a dominant disciplinarian / master / authority figure as I take control of your submissive senses when you submit to my dominance and control.

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