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You may be a lady seeking my services with some prior experience of receiving corporal punishment spanking discipline in which case you may have your own ideas or expectations of what to expect. 

If this is your first time booking the services of a professional master administering corporal punishment spanking services for women, then it is quite understandable if you are feeling a little nervous, intrigued and naturally curious, apprehensive, prudish or indeed just plain shy. 

I do recommend taking the time to read through and peruse my individual, separate links herewith and then please feel free contact me and I will answer any questions you may have in more intimate detail with understanding, patience and empathy with regard to your own personal spanking needs or desires.

Although I have a vast wealth of spanking experience as a professional male dominant disciplinarian for women and I have tried to address most questions that you might have, I am also fully aware and understanding that you are bound to have more questions that you wish to ask me...

If you are just curious about spanking then you are more than welcome to just make contact with me for a friendly chat without committing to making an actual appointment and I am very friendly, understanding and totally approachable in this respect.

You need not be embarrassed in making an initial enquiry and you may also be assured that are not alone in seeking my spanking services for your own peace of mind as I am contacted by many women of all ages and from all walks of life with varying vocations and backgrounds also seeking my spanking services.

This is now your chance and opportunity to let your deepest spanking desires and imagination become reality thus fulfilling your spanking discipline needs with a professional, highly experienced male disciplinarian...

I could wax lyrical and promote my spanking services with much more zest and poetic prose that I have already creatively composed, but that would be self-indulgent so why not have the courage to make contact with me today and book an appointment to experience for yourself.

I am very conscientious, discreet and confidential when offering my discreet, confidential, safe and secure corporal punishment spanking services to women and this professional service based on a mutual level of trust with honesty and consistancy.

There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed by seeking my spanking services for women and I hope I have addressed any fears, doubts or apprehension that you might have had before reading through my website realising that you are not alone in seeking spanking services or corporal punishment from a professional male disciplinarian.

With all this in mind I trust that my assurances have now given you the courage to take the plunge, seize the day with taking your first spanking steps and giving you the confidence make contact with me in complete confidence to discuss your spanking needs.


Due to the fact that I receive many enquiries from women seeking my spanking services and who have an interest in all matters related to traditional corporal punishment, I am now offering a telephone consultation service.

I am also willing to meet you in person in a public place, cafe or bar prior to making a definite commitment to an actual spanking appointment or spanking session to get to know each other and for further reassurances if you would prefer this option to assuage any fears or doubts that you may have.

Some less or non-experienced ladies need to feel safe and secure prior to making an appointment to receive more traditional, formal corporal punishment spanking discipline as opposed to erotic sensual spanking.

The fact that they are submitting to spanking discipline often excites them, intrigues them yet makes them feel nervous or apprehensive. 

I have found that talking to guide them through the spanking process and scenarios with a telephone conversation has been stimulating, therapeutic and assuring as well as offering a listening service for ladies with an interest in corporal punishment, discipline and spanking.

Thoughts regarding spanking discipline can often be subliminal and a deeply stimulating psychological thought process with a physical adrenaline rush and stimulation of the senses.

The telephone spanking service or listening spanking service provides women with a safe, secure space to explore your feelings and thoughts regarding corporal punishment or spanking discipline and enables you to privately explore your spanking fantasy or fantasies in anonymity and complete confidence with discretion and in a non-judgemental way.

This section or paragraph mainly relates to women seeking non-sexual, traditional, formal administrations of corporal punishment and spanking as discipline from an authority figure and for many women seeking corporal punishment as discipline as opposed to seeking erotic sensual sexy or sexual spankings, the thought of booking a male disciplinarian or even finding a suitable man on the internet can be a daunting process especially as there is the element of physical administration.

If I am administering erotic sensual spankings then the process is a very different spanking scenario as the lady in question is confident with her nudity or with receiving erotic sensual massage treatments in combination with a sexy OTK bare bottom spanking.

I am a highly experienced, professional disciplinarian with a vast wealth of experience in offering my select spanking services to discerning ladies and women over the years so I am here to offer guidance through the physical and thought process before, during and after the administration of more formal corporal punishment spanking discipline. 

Please feel free to contact me to speak and explore further in more intimate detail and if I am free then I would be more than happy to take your phone call there and then. 

If I am not free to speak when you call or you encounter my voicemail, then please feel free to leave a message, text or email with a more suitable time to speak and we can arrange a mutually convenient time for us both to converse...

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