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An email which seems to encapsulate the thoughts of most women seeking my spanking services:

"Dear Sir, I am a lady in my thirties and I discovered your informative website after trying to gain a better understanding of my inner feelings and desire to receive the very spanking services that you provide. Because of my initial inhibitions coupled with the embarrassment in discussing this matter with close friends I began searching for more insight into corporal punishment discipline then almost immediately I happened across your website after typing in spanking discipline service for ladies and spanking therapy for women. Researching this topic can be a challenge because of the many degrading sites but it appears that you offer spanking discipline with other genuine therapeutic services which is so reassuring for me enabling me to feel safe, secure and confident in making first contact with you, especially as I am only seeking non-sexual, clothed corporal punishment spanking. 

It was also comforting to understand that there are so many similar ladies and women with the same desires who also seek corporal punishment discipline or even more erotic sensual spankings. After reading your website I now feel there is nothing abnormal about my own thoughts and in addition, your professional response to my initial enquiry helped to validate your professionalism as a disciplinarian. 

The more thought I put into this, the more I am feeling that there is nothing wrong with acting on something that helps make a person feel good about themselves. I imagine it must be liberating for the women who have been brave enough to act on their spanking fantasy desires so I will most certainly be in contact with you again to book an appointment."


I am not going to include every single email that I receive of course, as I am contacted by so many different ladies on a regular basis regarding my spanking services, but I have included a selection of some of the more poignant emails sent to me in complete confidence to offer an insight into the different age ranges and requests for my spanking services.


"Dear Sir, I am a young yet mature lady of aged 19 and I am seeking a professional disciplinarian or spanking mentor to administer sound spankings and possibly corporal punishment discipline which I think I deserve as well as your therapeutic spankings or spanking therapy to keep me on track with my behaviour and disobedience. i am an upmarket lady who can be very cheeky or naughty and who needs to learn a lesson in strict discipline from a strict headmaster, mature authority figure or spanking therapist"


"I happened across your website and it piqued my curiosity. I was inspired by both your eloquent words and images. Though confident in every day life I have always been too shy to follow up my lifelong desire to be soundly spanked. Being a complete novice I am not sure where my limits lie but I would like to experience a sound spanking bending over a man's lap followed by a taste of punishment in whatever positions he deems appropriate. I embrace the thought of not being in control wondering what the next part of my punishment may be. Being told to ask for punishment or thank him for it then maybe feeling embarrassment with my submission after the punishment discipline whereby I am willing to follow instructions in case I make my situation worse. I suppose you are used to ladies with their trepidation so how do you think I could overcome my doubts?"


"I am a female university student writing a paper for a Human Sexuality class. I hope this does not seem too unusual coming to you through and via your informative website. The subject I chose was spanking and corporal punishment discipline and why a male and female may be drawn to it or what type of gratification they may receive from it. I must say your website is very intriguing me thus making me want to experiment with discipline and receive a spanking myself. I wish to learn about these things in a proper atmosphere, I am 21 years old and I would really like to have the experience of a disciplinary spanking."


"I am absolutely fascinated by your website regarding corporal punishment spanking discipline and your administration of corporal punishment spanking services for women. I am a mature female chartered psychologist, psycho-therapist, counsellor, hypnotherapist and a life coach living in SW London and I would be very interested in discovering more about your spanking services on a totally professional level in accordance with my interest in psychology as well as finding out more about corporal punishment spanking on a more personal level too to satisfy my own curiosity."

Further to the quote above - I am often contacted by female academics, authors, writers, therapists, life coach, psychologists, psychotherapists, counsellors, hypnotherapists, CBT therapists, NLP therapists, drama therapists in connection with drama therapy or play therapy, sex therapists, psycho-sexual therapists with regard to the private personal research, professional research or curiosity regarding adult corporal punishment, spanking, spanking discipline, erotic sensual spanking, human nature or sexual behaviour.

I am also regularly contacted by female students with regard to their studies, thesis or dissertations in connection with spanking, adult corporal punishment and spanking discipline.


"I am a young professional lady in my twenties and have always felt the need for a good spanking from a mature man and after reading your website I would like to speak with you with the possibility of then making an appointment"


"Dear Sir, I am a middle-aged lady based in Surrey but working in Central London and have been been interested in the world of spanking for a very long time and have been returning back your website time and time again for the past few months. Your expertise and professionalism truly shows as do your own personal, professional assurances of discretion, confidentiality and the safety aspects which all drew me closer to wanting to make a booking. It is incredibly nerve wrecking for me to approach you, but at least I'm making a choice that won't leave me regretting the "what-if's" if I do not make at least some form of contact with you.

I had a good think on what I wanted my ideal session to be: a therapeutic spanking session or something that is more disciplinary. I feel like corporal punishment is the way to go and perhaps if I was paying the price for some misdeed I have done to atone with a sound spanking or more formal discipline with corporal punishment. I feel that my performance at work as been below my usual high standards in recent months and there are other reasons that I crave spanking in my private personal life too. I would like my behaviour to be corrected with your formal administration of corporal punishment if you please and as you deem necessary so l can be very grateful when you instruct me to bend over to receive my discipline.

I have no prior experience of receiving discipline in my personal life, but I am aware that it was administered privately whilst I was attending a mixed private school, although I was not a recipient. I do promise to be very obedient in your presence and I will try to take the punishment administered when I book you for an appointment. I would prefer that we start the spanking session with you administering the strap, cane or slipper over the seat of my trousers or skirt bending over a chair or similar as I do not wish to be caned / strapped over my panties or bare bottom. I am willing receive the punishment semi-naked on my bare bottom with spanking so happy with bare-bottom spanking and perhaps a slippering over the bare buttocks as I do feel the desire or need to be slippered bending over your lap or the bed, however I would request prior to meeting that you please kindly remain fully clothed yourself throughout the session.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read my email. I look forward to hearing back from you so we can discuss my spanking needs in more detail and then hopefully arrange an appointment for the administration of corporal punishment and spanking."


"Dear Sir, As a lady now aged in her early forties, I could not believe that I had discovered your website dealing with both erotic sensual spanking and more formal spanking discipline both of which are of personal interest to me. I regret that I have not had the courage to meet a man for such discipline to date before encountering your website and none of my previous partners had been interested in administering spankings. I felt both relieved in the sense that I am not the only woman interested in being soundly spanked and also a sense of euphoria or exhilaration that there is also a man such as yourself offering professional, discreet and safe spanking services to women in need of spanking to be administered by a strict yet fair male disciplinarian"


"Dear Simon, I am a 21 year old student living in London. I have recently been thinking about exploring female sexuality a bit more so I was initially interested in your erotic sensual Tantric massage treatments for women. However, I grew even more excited and aroused as I then discovered the link to your spanking services. I have always had a fascination with being spanked and to be honest to be spanked by an older mature man. I am completely shocked that I even am writing to you, but your writing, experience with spanking and other assurances made me feel very at ease so I would be interested to hear more about both your erotic sensual massage and spanking services that you offer. I think that my interest in leaning more to exploring spanking than massage at this stage until we meet and I would be prepared to experiment with receiving corporal punishment discipline as well as your more erotic sensual spankings on the bare bottom."


"Dear Simon, I came across your website several weeks ago, but I guess I have been too nervous and shy to finally get in contact to date and until now. But here I am finally having the courage and faith to make contact with you. 

I have been in denial about my behaviour for so long and since coming out of a relationship, I have realised that I have behavioural issues that needs to be addressed. So thought about getting some sort of mentor who can also discipline me too. It has occurred to me that I need this form of guidance (the disciplining) as it is something that I grew up with and I know how effective it could be with me. 

I am a professional lady and can only be described as ambitious but cheeky, mischievous or 'naughty' and I generally get a thrill from rule breaking, misbehaving and especially getting away with things. My behaviour took its turn and deteriorated from the age of 16 (this can be explained in detail later why), and now I have realised how much it is effecting both my professional and personal life and feel its time to get this corrected. And thought you may help?

I have been looking for a spanking mentor / spanking life coach for a while now and judging by your site, I immediately felt at ease to see how detailed it is and how professional your spanking services seem. This is a big step for me and hoping to start the New Year with a long term mentor - ideally starting with weekly sessions as I feel I could benefit from a change to begin as quickly as possible (although I know me, I will push your boundaries and still get a thrill from getting away with things). I feel there are behaviours (for instance my punctuality and skiving of work) that instantly needs work on. I look forward hearing from you."


"We are two ladies and very good friends in our forties and fifties respectively seeking your professional spanking services as a dominant male disciplinarian. We wish to be punished together as we initially thought safety in numbers and after reading your assurances about discretion and confidence, we are able to invite to to visit me at my private home in London. We are both seeking your traditional administrations of corporal punishment spanking discipline"


"I am seeking your spanking services as a spanking mentor, life coach and male disciplinarian or headmaster. I am based in London but work in Central London. I am in my forties seeking corporal punishment discipline and regular spanking if this might be possible and an arrangement that you can fulfil"


"I am a professional lady in my mid-fifties and require a male disciplinarian to administer traditional, formal corporal punishment with six of the best to be administered over my clothed bottom culminating in a bare bottom spanking"


"Dear Sir, I am aged 34 and seeking a professional male disciplinarian to administer regular spanking therapy and corporal punishment with spanking discipline. Are you able to help and to administer regular spankings as my punishment please?"


"Dear Simon, I am a lady in my early sixties seeking a spanking mentor and male disciplinarian to administer traditional and formal corporal punishment discipline and spankings. I will be happy to tell you more about myself and my interest in corporal punishment if you choose to make contact with me by return"


"I was quite secure in the knowledge before making contact with you regarding your spanking services that you have spanked or massaged ladies up to the age of 70 as I am now aged 67. I used to work in the fashion industry in London as both a former model and also a buyer in later years, but have moved out of London, but would be more than happy for you to visit me at my private home in Surrey to give me a good sound spanking"


"Hi Simon, I was quite captivated and very turned on after reading and then re-reading the contents of your spanking website. I must state that I am not interested in any forms of formal or traditional corporal punishment or spanking discipline that you describe in detail. I am only interested in the arousal of a pro-longed sexual spanking and erotic sensual bare-bottom spanking bending over your lap to be gently disciplined leading to your massage treatments. I am 32 and I am also based in SW London"


"Further to browsing your website, I feel much more comfortable contacting you after reading about your assurances of discretion, confidentiality and of course safety. I am a lady in my forties seeking the formal administration of corporal punishment administered by a male disciplinarian and I am also wishing to bend over to receive sound spankings. This something I do crave and a subject that I have given considerable thought to over the years since my adolescent teens, but have never managed to broach or realise with a partner or in other scenarios to date. I felt so reassured and strangely excited or exhilarated after reading your website, looking at all your photographs and videos now realising that this is what I desperately need and I had not been aware that some like yourself offered such services in private, professional, discreet confidential settings before conducting a search online"


"Dear Simon, I came across your extremely informative and articulate website when searching for spanking services in London, and I would like to discuss the possibility of booking an appointment with you. I'm in my thirties and I've always had erotic fantasies about surrendering control to a dominant man and being spanked, but it's something I've been too embarrassed to discuss with friends or partners. I've read and watched numerous spanking stories and videos, particularly enjoying the discipline genre and always wondered what it might be like to try it for real. I've had some trepidation about exploring the idea, as I've been worried about feeling safe and secure, and also discretion, but I found your site very reassuring in those regards. I also liked the way you discuss the punishment side of things with the erotic and therapeutic, as I've always found a mental link between them. It would be great to discuss this further, as well as some of the logistics. I look forward to hearing from you."


"Dear Simon, It was great speaking to you last night to discuss your spanking services and I immediately felt comfortable and totally at ease when conversing with you, despite my initial doubts and nerves before finally summoning the courage to call you in porson as per your email request. What I felt a bit too shy to say over the phone was that I really do like the aspect of non-sexual, traditional, strict corporal punishment spanking discipline that you offer the most. 

So say for example I'm sent to you for lying or cheating. You ask why I've been sent for punishment and I tell you with a smirk which makes you ask if I think lying is acceptable. I tell you, "look it's my first time in trouble so just give me a warning and that will be that". You go quiet before explaining that both my actions and my lack of remorse and outright rudeness has earned me corporal punishment. I laugh and say that's ridiculous, when you put the chair in the middle of the room and instruct me to bend over it and take my punishment. I refuse and walk and stand against the wall and begin to protest that I am sorry and I'm usually so well behaved and plead for an alternative punishment but by this point you have decided it is corporal punishment. 

You calmly ask me to come and sit down and explain that you know I am scared to receive corporal punishment, but you tell me what I have done is wrong and that you need me to accept this and to bend over to take my punishment as it is well deserved. I become genuinely remorseful and admit I know I deserve my punishment but I've never been punished before. You tell me this is going to hurt as you are being punished but you will be safe. This is for your own good as you need to learn your lesson. You tell me calmly that the punishment you have decided on is 6 whacks of the slipper across my bottom. You ask me to bend over and prepare to take my punishment. I accept I deserve this so do as told. You deliver 6 hard whacks to my bottom and when finished I am shaking from the adrenaline and rubbing my bottom. You explain to me that I chose to accept my punishment, and that I did the right thing. You explain had it not been for my maturity at accepting this and bending over that you would have disciplined me more severely. 

Finally you tell me you hope I've learnt my lesson and will remember this punishment before I consider behaving this way again, I promise I will. You tell me that if there is a next time I can expect a more severe slippering along with a trip across your lap for a bare bottom spanking. I blush and assure you this will not happen. Two weeks later I am sent to you to be disciplined again for being disrespectful."


I was contacted by a young lady seeking traditional corporal punishment discipline and hand spanking punishments with whom I exchanged some emails after speaking on the phone first to establish that she was genuine. She told me that she did not want the cane or to be caned, but still seeking traditional corporal punishment discipline and spanking. After she sent me a few emails expressing her doubts, natural nerves and apprehension, the email exchange culminated in me sending the following email to further reassure her and she then went on to make her first spanking appointment with me:

"I will give you my absolute assurances that you call always trust me. I fully understand your apprehension, shyness and natural nerves with making an appointment with me, however I must also reassure you further that I am very discreet offering my professional corporal punishment spanking discipline services in a safe and secure space with complete confidentiality. 

We have spoken on the telephone at length and in person now and I know that you crave, need and want to explore being spanked and disciplined. Although I will be in control dominating you or guiding you through the spanking, you ALWAYS have the option of asking me to stop at any time during the spankings. 

I am experienced enough to know when I might be spanking you too hard or that you are ready to stop having had enough. We will not use a safe word, but I will instinctively recognise your limits and will quickly establish your limits. We will take things very slowly, yet surely with a more gentle administration of discipline using "lighter" implements and NEVER the cane or wooden paddle, so you will not be caned and I will not cane you or give a caning. I will administer a slippering so you can be slippered, a strapping with the belt, a light flogger and of course bare bottom hand spanking. 

I assure you that all your punishments will be within your limits at all times. I get no pleasure or nothing at all out of giving any forms of pain and as my website states quite clearly, I am NOT into or interested in S/M, bondage, giving pain, humiliation, verbal abuse / humiliation or sadism. I am a professional, dominant disciplinarian, but I am not a sadist and in fact quite caring with empathy and having a very patient understanding when administering more formal, traditional forms of corporal punishment. You will be in very safe hands and in a safe and secure setting being free to be able to stop at any time during your spankings. 

So I will always stop or spank with lighter stokes if I see and sense that you are not comfortable - You must and will be able to trust me. You must also remember that this new experience is all about you and your spanking needs or desires and NOT my own so all spankings will be administered with a duty of care towards your well-being during the punishment. 

I really do sincerely hope that I have helped to further reassure you before your nest steps in booking my professional spanking services."

Her immediate response by return to my email above was:

"Thank you Sir and I now fully understand. I do want your administration of corporal punishment and spanking discipline to have an effect, but not cause me any excessive pain, so I now trust you to know when I need more and when to stop."

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