Psychology of Spanking


There are many women who have a fascination with spanking and an interest in corporal punishment as I have found to true throughout my life and when offering my spanking services as a professional male disciplinarian.

You may even wonder why you have your own interest in spanking discipline and where it originates or comes from, but as a woman living in today's politically correct society and landscape, you may feel re-assured that you are not alone in seeking my spanking services. as I am contacted by many women with an interest in adult, consensual spanking and corporal punishment.

There is absolutely no need to feel embarrassed or ashamed about your innermost, secretive thoughts regarding corporal punishment and spanking discipline and the thoughts regarding this subject are much more common than you might imagine for both sexes but especially women in today's society.

An adult, consensual administration of spanking can be both rewarding and fulfilling for both the dominant and submissive for a varying variety and vast array of different reasons, suffice to say that spanking can be very stimulating for both parties.

We all have our own reasons and there afar too many circumstances or scenarios to detail here within one page to explain why to to use as examples as to why certain individual enjoy administering or receiving corporal punishment spanking discipline.

All forms of spanking discipline can be a very powerful aphrodisiac leaving the body rushing and coursing with adrenaline.

Spanking can be a slow seduction both in mind, body and spirit or seductive spanking seducing you then leading you to a very powerful experience with a rush of adrenaline.

This rush or stimulation can apply to all forms of non-sexual, traditional corporal punishment, spanking therapy, therapeutic spanking and erotic sensual spanking discipline with a sexual aspect.

The psychological stimulus of all forms of spanking and corporal punishment can be just as powerful as the release of endorphins and waves of euphoria throughout the body before, during and after a spanking session and administration of discipline.

All the psychological aspects of spanking discipline are very personal and private to each individual lady depending on her previous experiences, spanking needs or desires.

Some women enjoy the slow build-up and ritual attached to the administration of the actual corporal punishment, such as waiting outside the door to be summoned in to the room, office or headmaster's study to receive punishment.

The ritual leading up to spanking and the psychological thoughts of spanking in the mind can be just as powerful as the actual administration of corporal punishment and spanking discipline with an element of psycho-drama.

Corporal punishment spanking discipline can also be incorporated into a form of drama-therapy or adult play-therapy.

The anticipation of being spanked prior to bending over for the physical punishment chastisement coupled with the formality of a sound spanking as punishment or the thoughts of receiving, referring yourself or being sent to a male disciplinarian / authority figure for corporal punishment spanking discipline and then being told or instructed to bend over can also lead to an adrenaline rush and very powerful intense feelings before any physical spankings are administered or you feel the intensity of a spanking.

The thought of being told what type of punishment to expect and how it will be administered prior to being instructed to bend over or even in the hours or days leading up to the actual administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline.

Although I NEVER, EVER go too far with administering excessive spankings or administrations of formal corporal punishment always remaining within your own personal boundaries and safety limits, some women do enjoy being told prior to punishment or an appointment that they can expect to be severely disciplined with a sound spanking, thrashing or whacking leaving their bottoms very sore and red.

They may enjoy or respond to the terminology of been beaten, thrashed, severely disciplined, soundly spanked, walloped, whacked, flogged over the bottom or having the bare buttocks flogged, birching and being birched.

There are of course all the usual terms of spanking, spanked, caned, caning, the cane, the slipper, slippering, being slippered, the strap, strapping, being strapped, the paddle, paddled, being paddled in relation to "school-type" corporal punishment, six of the best or general discipline.

May ladies and women who are interested in corporal punishment spanking discipline will admit to having looked up these terms or words associated with spanking, punishment and flagellation in a dictionary or online depending on their age.

This does not mean that the ladies wish to be unduly hurt and punished too hard in any way whatsoever or to be marked excessively, it is just fulfilling the thrill and giving a psychological buzz, release or rush of adrenaline in anticipation of receiving a sound chastisement and punishment with discipline.

It also does not mean or indicate that the ladies have an interest in being punished or beaten severely, being flogged or any aspect of judicial punishments, it is just the "words" that will intrigue then as they are linked to a form of punishment.

I myself have absolutely NO interest in bondage, S/M, BDSM, pain, fetish, sadism or judicial punishments but will admit that the terminology does appeal as a psychological, subliminal stimulus in the subconscious to both the dominant and submissive

The aforementioned spanking terminology is used more as a psychological rush,stimulant or buzz in anticipation and does not mean that the women are aroused, turned on by pain or excessive beating, it just means that they terminology best fits the scenario that they can expect to receive a spanking and corporal punishment discipline session that they will remember which hurts only enough and on a pain threshold level to remind them that they have been soundly spanked by a strict male disciplinarian, spanking master, headmaster, spanking mentor, spanking life coach and spanking therapist.

Perhaps the short, sharp shock factor of spanking appeals to the female psyche in connection with the art of spanking...

They enjoy the the fact that they are going to have to bend over to receive their discipline and this seems to resonate or indeed "hit the spot" with many ladies when just discussing, thinking about or talking about the spanking discipline.

The whole psychological factor of being sent for punishment not knowing what to expect, witnessing another person administer or receive corporal punishment or waiting for discipline to be administered in many different scenarios can be such a stimulation...

If you are just seeking my non-sexual, corporal punishment discipline, spanking therapy or therapeutic spanking services, then you will most certainly benefit from the actual, authentic discipline that is being administered to correct your bad behaviour and behavioural patterns that have lead you astray in the past...


Although I sometimes refer to "erotic sensual spanking" within my website, I am regularly booked and requested to administer fully-clothed or partially-clothed, non-sexual corporal punishment with an administration of the traditional six of the best "old school-type" whacking or domestic discipline spanking administered as strict discipline using different implements for correction if you are in need of a more formal administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline.

Please refer to the three separate links regarding traditional corporal punishment, spanking therapy / therapeutic spanking and erotic sensual spanking so that you may differentiate between the three spanking styles that I offer.

I have been booked by some ladies on occasion who have been seeking traditional corporal punishment for a single administration of just six of the best whacks with an implement of her choice. 

The format of this type of appointment has been sitting down together prior to the administration of discipline to discuss her feelings and thoughts towards spanking discipline followed by the actual administration of the punishment and then culminating in another conversation to explore her feelings or she has then been dismissed without much further ado or conversation directly after the spanking discipline has been administered to contemplate and reflect on the strict discipline she has received.

My spanking services are always bespoke to suit your individual needs and you may have your own ideas or scenarios of how you wish the punishment to be administered.

If this is your very first foray in contacting a professional male disciplinarian to administer either corporal punishment spanking discipline or erotic sensual spanking services then I will of course guide you through the experience.

The choice is yours as your spanking appointment is always about you and your own spanking needs or fantasies and not my own. 

We will always discuss your personal spanking needs, desires, comfort zones and boundaries to be observed and adhered to prior to your spanking.

I have often thought whether I should include erotic sensual spanking within my website, however as it is an equally popular request as the traditional, formal administration of corporal punishment discipline when being booked then I feel it prudent to highlight the fact.

Some women dislike the more formal aspect of strict traditional corporal punishment which is as the name suggests chastisement and punishment of the body as discipline.

Some ladies much prefer the more sensual erotic aspect of spanking discipline combined with intimate sexual fantasy so as I enjoy both aspects of corporal punishment spanking discipline myself then I have to include the case for both sides of spanking and the more erotic spanking images as well as the fully-clothed images of ladies receiving discipline.

So in essence - If you are a lady seeking more formal and traditional corporal punishment with spanking discipline, then please do not be put off my some of the nude images of myself in the spanking gallery or the submissive female recipient during spankings or my own personal references to erotic sensual spankings within my website.

I am regularly booked to administer non-sexual corporal punishment spanking discipline whereby I remain fully clothed and you are also fully-clothed during the punishment or semi-nude being spanked over lingerie or over the bare bottom.

If you have perhaps been slightly "put-off" by some of the nude images in my spanking gallery / erotic sensual massage website or references to erotic, sensual spankings then I am sure that you realise and understand that I have to encompass and encapsulate both aspects to cater for the requests of my discerning female clientele. 

I am sure that you now also understand after perusing my spanking website that I am able to administer non-sexual, fully-clothed corporal punishment without the need for nudity or any sexual connotation if this is what you are seeking.

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