Safety & Security Assurances


I always offer a completely confidential, discreet, safe, secure, professional spanking service for all my discerning female clientele.

I am a professional male disciplinarian and many women who contact me feel this professional arrangement assuages any guilt or doubts they might have especially if they have a partner who does not know about their interest in corporal punishment spanking discipline. 

The women booking my spanking services view or reconcile their appointment as professional without any romantic entanglement or emotional conflict thus equivocating to any other appointment such as seeing a therapist, personal trainer, life coach, business meeting or any other similar scenario. 

This also applies to single ladies seeking non-sexual corporal punishment discipline ladies and any women seeking erotic sensual spanking services.

Booking a professional disciplinarian often assuages the guilt that some women may feel if they seek an affair or to meet a complete stranger on a sleazy spanking website. 

My absolute assurances of discretion, safety, security and client confidentiality can be viewed as the same confidentiality that you could expect if you were booking an appointment to see your doctor if I might use that analogy or indeed any other professional therapist for an appointment.

Many women see personal trainers or life coaches and view a spanking appointment as a similar scenario whether it be for corporal punishment spanking discipline to receive the cane, slipper, paddle or belt as more formal, traditional punishment discipline with caning, slippering, paddling and strapping or just bare-bottom hand spanking.

The ladies being caned, slippered, paddled or strapped fully-clothed, semi-clothed or on the bare bottom will view their appointment as one for discipline or they might prefer the more erotic element / aspect of sensual spanking with my hand on the bare buttocks, but whichever discipline is being administered your confidentiality is always assured.

Some women see spanking as a fun, playful, exciting, sexy adventure with sexual adrenaline or intimate sexual fantasy to enhance foreplay prior to sexual intercourse or even my erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage services.

Some women view spanking as authentic, formal, traditional discipline administered with non-sexual corporal punishment, but whichever aspect intrigues you or you wish to explore it will always be within your comfort zones or personal boundaries at all times.

The mindset for the ladies booking my own safe spanking services remains free of emotional attachment and romantic entanglement thus allowing them to "relax" in the knowledge that the spanking appointment or erotic encounter will always remain a safe, secure, reliable, discreet, confidential professional service with no come-backs or other unintended or unwanted attention. 

The fact that I am also a professional therapist offering massage therapy treatments seems to also further validate their reasons for booking my services too in the secure knowledge that all remains within boundaries and comfort zones, although there will always be the added charge of electricity and danger in booking me for a spanking...

As I only offer mobile spanking service, I am aware that it might not always be conducive, convenient or appropriate to invite me to visit you at your personal home. 

I do once again offer my absolute assurances of complete confidentiality, discretion, my respect for your personal safety and security during any home visits and of course I never, ever retain the personal details of my discerning female clientele.

Please also remember and appreciate the fact that I am a genuine, professional mobile massage therapist booked on a daily basis to treat ladies in the comfort of their own homes so I hope this assuages any further doubts you may have of inviting me into your home or personal space.

You might wish to peruse both my holistic therapeutic massage and erotic sensual Tantric Yoni massage websites for further assurances of my professionalism and other thoughts regarding all aspects my mobile services.

I do address the issue of discretion, confidentiality, privacy, safety and security in more detail which poignantly applies to both my massage and spanking services within a section of the Erotic Sensual Tantric Massage Home Page and throughout that website which I would recommend for your personal perusal and for your further assurances...

If you are not booking my massage treatments in conjunction with my spanking services then might wish to view the appointment as though you have booked a professional massage treatment, but in reality just my spanking services.

If and when I am ever booked to visit your own home then please rest assured that I am a consummate professional always respecting your space together with your personal boundaries as part of my discreet, confidential safe, secure spanking services. 

I would never make contact with you via email or telephone unless otherwise requested to do so and I never retain personal address details after an mobile visit to administer your corporal punishment discipline spanking.


You will never, ever be in a position of uncertainty and even though you are relinquishing yourself to receive formal corporal punishment discipline or spanking thus surrendering your senses and submitting to me as your dominant master or disciplinarian, I will be taking care of you as a person looking after you at all times with nurturing your own needs taking the administration of spanking discipline at your own pace so you always feel comfortable and relaxed.

We will discuss and establish all the definitive boundaries to be observed when chatting prior to your appointment and before your spanking. 

I reiterate once again for your further assurances and at the risk of repeating myself that your spanking appointment is all about you, your own spanking needs and desires and not about me or my own needs. 

If you are just seeking my spanking services as discipline or as corporal punishment and NOT a sensual sexual spanking experience, then I further assure you that if your punishment extends to a bare bottom spanking, that I will NOT touch you or probe between your legs (female genitalia) out of respect for your privacy, comfort zones and personal boundaries.

However, some women do prefer to have their bare bottom gently and sensually soothed with massage using a lotion after receiving a sound spanking as discipline or an administration of corporal punishment and once again the choice is yours to make.

I am always very consciously aware that my spanking services are all about YOU and about my own needs, so I am always very careful to observe all pre-arranged boundaries and limits.

If this is your very first spanking experience or your first foray into seeking the services of a professional male dominant disciplinarian, then I am fully aware and understand that you will be feeling apprehensive, embarrassed, naturally nervous or even just plain shy.

I am here to guide you through your spanking discipline with patience and guidance in a safe secure setting and space, being sympathetic to your spanking needs with empathy and patient understanding always respecting your boundaries, limits and personal privacy.

The same assurances apply to when we are speaking on the phone to discuss your spanking needs and I will treat you as a lady out of respect and courtesy as a true gentleman and dominant disciplinarian master should do with his female submissive.

If you submitting to receive a spanking and being subservient, then this aspect is treated with dignity and respect and NOT with disrespect or any forms of humiliation. I do not have to humiliate you or shout at you with any orders or otherwise to make my point as I am naturally dominant and in control.

You will always have the open option of terminating an appointment and spanking session at any time if you feel uncomfortable or just wish to leave due to nerves and any other reason. If I am booked to visit you at your location or hotel room then the same applies with asking or requesting me to leave and I will then do so without question.

I am willing and able to offer the guidance, patience, experience and respect that you need and to administer your spanking discipline with understanding and empathy.

If you are new to spanking and this is your first foray into any forms of spanking, spanking therapy and corporal punishment discipline, then I am prepared to be patient with you guiding you through the process...

I want to make it absolutely clear from the outset and state for the record before you peruse my spanking website that I find any form of physical violence or abuse to women is unacceptable and that I find any forms of violence or abuse towards women in general is abhorrent to me.

I most certainly do not condone the abuse or use of corporal punishment on minors and any other forms of abusive discipline to any person of any age.

I am totally non-scene as I never visit spanking related clubs, parties, forums to connect with other spanking contacts as I only offer my spanking services to women via my website.

Your interest in spanking and my administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline will always remain strictly between us with a high level of confidentiality, discretion, safety and security - I do address and stress the importance of confidentiality, discretion, safety and security throughout my entire website for your further assurances and peace of mind.

With regard to my own professional spanking services - I would ask you to disregard whatever else you might peruse and read about male disciplinarians in general or other male disciplinarians or dominant men offering professional spanking services or who may advertise on a spanking contact website. 

I only offer the services detailed and outlined herewith within my own original spanking website and you should not compere myself as a person / male dominant / male disciplinarian master or my spanking services to anyone else advertising on other websites. 

I mention this fact for your further assurances, as some other spanking websites or certain individuals offering spanking services for women may be crude, distasteful, pornographic, degrading or disrespectful to women and I would prefer to distance myself from such websites so you can differentiate to gauge the difference and defer to my own safe spanking services.

I do not visit or peruse any spanking websites or forums thus keeping my own artistic, creative conceptual ideas and spanking concepts original.

All my spanking services are consensual and administered safely with a duty of care to women who make contact with me via my website seeking my spanking services and I have a total respect for women at all times.

Please be assured and note that I am NOT interested in any forms of BDSM, S/M bondage, sadism, pain, humiliation, verbal humiliation, kink or fetish.

However, although I am mainly interested in administering traditional corporal punishment spanking discipline, OTK spanking, therapeutic spanking, spanking therapy, Tantric spanking and erotic sensual spanking - I am sometimes requested by my more adventurous, discerning female clientele to discipline them when they are wearing a blindfold, silk scarf with their hands bound or tied lying on the bed or bending over in various different positions. 

This form of discipline could be best described as mild or light bondage with some restraint during the administration of corporal punishment spanking discipline or erotic sensual spanking fantasy.

I have included several such images within my Spanking Gallery and this form of mild bondage discipline can include spanking role-play, drama therapy, play therapy, aspects of psycho-drama, perceptive play all to enhance your spanking experience and sensory perception during discipline.

I will always have total respect for your personal boundaries remaining within your comfort zones with a professional duty of care despite my powerful, dominant nature when administering corporal punishment spanking discipline.

Although I am and will remain in total control of you during this form of discipline having total, complete respect for your personal boundaries or limits, you will also have full control of your safe, secure, spanking situation / scenario at all times even though you are surrendering / submitting to my dominant will...

I may contradict myself when I state that you will experience a release of control when being spanked, but I am just trying to convey to the more apprehensive, cautious, curious and nervous lady wishing to book my professional spanking services that you will always be in a comfortable, protected, safe and secure space both mentally, psychologically and physically during your spanking appointment and time spent in my charming, charismatic company.

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