Spanking Therapy


Although I do have an interest and fascination in psychology and a quintessential awareness of the human psyche, I must clearly state from the outset that I am NOT a qualified therapist, counsellor, psycho-therapist, psychologist or life coach and I use these terms loosely in relation to this particular style of spanking therapy and therapeutic spanking.

If you feel that you have psychosomatic, psychological issues that are more deep-rooted in connection with past trauma, physical abuse or with other similar issues related to corporal punsihment, then I am NOT the person for you and I would respectfully suggest that you seek help or guidance from your GP or a registered, qualified therapist who can help you with such issues.

Therapeutic spanking and spanking therapy administered by myself in the role of a spanking therapist, spanking mentor or even as a spanking life coach to help you stay on track to achieve your goals and objectives in life pushing you in the right direction.

Corporal punishment spanking discipline, spanking therapy and therapeutic spanking can also be administered by myself in the role of an authority figure, headmaster or strict male disciplinarian.

This aspect of formal strict discipline can be administered with you being fully-clothed or semi-clothed and I would be fully clothed during the administration of therapeutic spanking discipline and corrective spanking therapy. 

This aspect of spanking would focus on your need to be spanked as well as an administration of spanking therapy combined for general motivation to keep you motivated in general, everyday life and to correct your disobedience, lacklustre attititude, bad behaviour and behavioural patterns in every day life helping you to focus more clearly on your goals, achievements and positivity in general.

You can develop a more positive, focused outlook on life with regular sessions of corporal punishment discipline and women regularly contact me as a professional male disciplinarian, spanking therapist and spanking mentor to seek such spanking therapy in connection with guilt, laziness, insubordination, disobedience, help to focus on every day problems such as work or weight-loss, keeping fit, gambling, drinking, smoking, not working or studying hard enough and other similar scenarios.

Therapeutic spanking therapy would focus more on your general outlook on life or attitude, patterns of bad behaviour and need to be spanked or disciplined in the present to generally improve your performance at work, at home, with your studies or your general outlook on life. 

Spanking can and will keep you focused on the more important goals and objectives in your life or help you deal with past and present behavioural issues.

Spanking therapy and therapeutic spanking can be a form of healing and help atone for past and present misdemeanors or perhaps you feel deep within that you escaped punishment in the past for wrong-doings or have the need to be punished for more specific circumstances and events.

Spanking therapy and therapeutic spanking can also address feelings of guilt, assuage feelings of doubt and guilt having an holistic healing, cathartic cleansing process leaving you feeling truly punished, disciplined, nurtured and cleansed having been soundly spanked.

As a professional spanking therapist and dominant disciplinarian, I regularly administer strict discipline spanking to women of all ages over the age of 18 who are just in need of fully clothed, non-sexual spanking discipline and traditional corporal punishment and corrective corporal punishment spankings, although punishment may occasionally be administered over the bare bottom always respecting and keeping within pre-determined boundaries.

The formal administration of holistic spanking can have a very motivational, powerful, therapeutic effect on the recipient. This form of spanking therapy with myself in the role of your spanking therapist has proven to be very helpful with women who have booked this particular aspect of my spanking therapy services.

Women who feel that they need to atone for past misdeeds with holistic therapeutic spanking discipline and spanking therapy who feel the need for disciplinary guidance in their current lifestyles for a more authentic traditional formal "six of the best" administration of punishment with a sound hand-spanking, slippering, strapping, paddling or possibly a caning depending on your own personal limits.

I would list the various mis-demeanors that ladies confess to me prior to or during their spanking session with me but the list is so varied and each lady of course has her own personal reasons for booking an appointment to receive corporal punishment.

If you are a student over the legal age of 18 then the reasons may be a lack of discipline in general lifestyle behaviour or not performing well with your studies.

If you are a more mature lady then she maybe in need of spanking therapy and therapeutic spanking to help you reconcile past or present misdeeds and persistent patterns of bad behaviour to help adjust and correct your wayward, errant ways.

This style of spanking therapy, therapeutic spanking and form of corporal punishment discipline can have a cathartic effect on the recipient and can almost be described as an holistic therapeutic spanking for your general wellness and well-being.

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